Hiring Professional movers

Keep your friends Friendly

Your friends are not movers and don't want to be paid in pizza and beer to break their backs and waste their weekend, not even your church family.

They just don't want to tell you that.

There is more to moving than carrying boxes

Our professional movers are trained to handle your items with care and precision.

We know how to take care of your items, your home, and of course any of your family members.  This is important if your house or belongings gets damaged by your friends it will be on you.

The right equipment at the right time

We use our equipment and know how to do things the right way, to be most efficient and careful with your belongings.

The right equipment and know how leads to safety.  And believe me that even though they may be your friend or church family doesn't mean they won't sue you if they get injured during your move.

Protection for your Home and Belongings

We are a legal company holding insurance, bonding and licensing for all of our employees.  If your friends rip your $1000 sofa, who do you think pays for it?  You can't buy a sofa with pizza and beer.

Our movers are insured for up to $1000000 per incident, you friends can't do that.

Moving Professionals its not just a name.

There comes a wisdom with experience.  We combine our knowledge to create an atmosphere where as a customer you can feel more comfortable and relaxed and we can take care of your needs.